List of projects for the 3. worldwide Reconciliation Week 

(Mai 20, 2007. This list is still incomplete) 









What does reconciliation mean to me? 




An evening of songs, prose, meditation, and exchange of ideas on the subject of reconciliation with myself, my fellow men, with the natural world and with God. 

Katrin Erstmann 

Sabina Berger 

Geriet-Engelke-Weg 6 

D-58675 Hemer 

Tel.: +49(0)2371-10107 

Ergosoma treatment for members of the Prostate Self-Help Group 

April, 23.  to 27., 2007


Parrheim (near Wankum) 


Gabriele Wolff-Bölkow and Eva Maria Laurs offer  free Ergosoma treatment to all members of the Prostate Self-Help Group Wachtendonk-Wankum e.V. during Reconciliation Week.

Eva Maria Laurs 

Heideweg 24 

D-47906 Kempen-St. Hubert 

Tel.: +49(0)92152-55 19 543  

    oder +49(0)2152/ 8698

Fax: +49(0)2151-80230 


Reconciliation with your own body 

April, 23. to 26. ,  2007


Ergosompraxis Basel 


Jacqueline Rutishauser offers free Ergosoma energy treatment during the Reconciliation week for the inhabitants and staff of an old-age care home. 

Jaqueline Rutishauser 

Blauenweg 1 

CH-4102 Binningen 

Tel.: +41(0)61 421 41 16 


Meditation: Reconciliation 

April 25. 2007 


Egosompraxis Basel 


Meditation on the subject: With Whom or What am I not yet Reconciled.  For clients and friends of the Ergosoma Practice Basel.

Jaqueline Rutishauser 

Blauenweg 1 

CH-4102 Binningen 

Tel.: +41(0)61 421 41 16 

Getting into the rigth mood for Peace

April 26 2007, at 19:30 



Regina, Rolf Winkler-Reber 

Schadstr. 20, Ulm/ Donau 


Prayers, breathing, mantras, music together with the Sufigruppe/Ulm 

Lubow Szkura 

St. Jakobstr. 13 

D-89081 Ulm 

Tel.: +49(0)731 385528 


Future Leaders Forum “WoMen´s Qualities for Global Change 

21. – 23. April 2007 



Bad Schönbrunn/ Edlibach/Zug 


The „Future Leaders Forum“ intends to be as well laboratory as platform for networking of young leaders from different cultures who are interested in an international Leadership-program. 

What kind of leading qualities are necessary on our planet of today and for tomorrow? Which role do the differences between men and women of various cultures play and how could the cooperation and completion of the sexes look like in future? These are the questions 25 youngsters will deal with for two days during the forum. 

The forum aims at reflecting and developing new methods and caracteristiques of future leading qualities in order to broaden the view and encounter global challenges. 

The seminar is held in cooperation with the High School for Economics, Techniques and Design, Constance. 

Participants from Ecuador, South Africa, Palestine, Israel, France, Switzerland and Germany are expected. 


Anna Gamma 


Bad Schönbrunn 

CH-6313 Edlibach/Zug 

Tel.: +41(0)41 757 14 78 

Fax: Tel.: +41(0)41 757 14 15 


The secret of encounter – A Dialogue 

21. April 2007 



Begegnungsstätte Waldhof gGmbH, Bad Eilsen 


An energetic space will be created that enables encounter. The space will be developed by means of verbal and non-verbal dialogue. By means of true listening (active listening), speaking from the heart and questioning one’s own convictions, it will be possible to create a so-called “dialogical togetherness”. Encounter enables reconciliation!

This seminar is open to S.E.R. friends, to “Gruppe Dialog im Nordwesten” and to all interested. 

Johannes Bohmann 

Ziegelstr. 27 

D-49074 Osnabrück 

Tel.: +49(0)541 99 866 86 

Poem reading on peace and reconciliation 

22. April 2007 


Event. Kirche Krefeld - Germany 

The group „Dichterloh“ holds regular readings in several places on its own initiative or on the occasion of invitations. The group  (members of the group of lyrics “Dichterloh”) creates poems on the occasion of the reconciliation week and organizes readings in churches and other places.

Froukje Dammaschke 

Höhenweg 7 

D-46499 Hamminkeln 

Tel.: +49(0)2856 2228 

Art-exhibition: Reconciliation 



Obere Viaduktgasse 2 A-1030 Wien 

Within the framework of an art-exhibition in Vienna “Q202 Atelier Rundschau 2007 in the second and twentieth district, it is intended to build bridges between neighbouring districts. Johann Karner calls his exhibition “Reconciliation” in the sense of creating connections. The exhibition will also inform about the Millennium Development Goals and the Reconciliation Week 

Johann Karner 

Lerchengasse 22/19 

A-1080 Wien 

Tel.: +43(0)699 1 95 65 338 


Reconciliation – visibility of the willingness for reconciliation 



Internationales Begegnungszentrum des Caritasverbandes Wuppertal 


 The international meeting-centre of Caritas Wuppertal is a place of cultural, religious human diversity and encounter. The spirit of reconciliation shall become visible and will be experienced through dialogue, prose, and a small exhibition about the Millennium Development Goals, through music, meditative dancing, silence and prayer.

Bärbel Schmidt-Dudda 

Gartenstr. 78 

D-42107 Wuppertal 

Tel.: +49(0)202 446373 



Drumming for peace 



Kelkheim Pauluskirche 


Invitation for a common drumming workshop  

together with an African artist  (Moulaye Seck – drumming artist) for adults, young persons and children.

By drumming. We  want to evoke a feeling of community.

This opens our hearts and brings us nearer to earth. We would like to sensitize people to understand that peace begins within oneself and that everybody can contribute to reconciliation. 

Imke Prinz, Kerstin Hemp  

Falkensteiner Str. 12  

65779 Kelkheim  

Tel: 06195 – 674466  




24-April-2007, 19.15 h 




Ergosom-energy-work – Introduction and presentation of a method for reconciliation with our own body, thoughts and feelings and with our fellow-beings. It is a resource enabling us to improve the integration of our every-day-life and our environment and to promote the dignity of human life.

Report on the Ergosom-method

- Biography of the Ergosom-method (self-healing source,

   S.E.R. foundation, UNO, reconciliation)

- A method to promote the ability of regeneration and


- Presentation of some principal ideas, proceedings,

   phenomenonology in the energy work, exercises for the

   perception of the active-passive energy

- exchange of thoughts of the participants: stress-

   accomplishment; well-being; conflict resolution;

   body work; reconciliation with ourselves and our

   fellow-beings, reconciliation as a path to peace.

Praxis für Physiotherapie ,  

  Regeneration und Wohlbefinden

Heilbronnstr. 3, 28832 Achim/ Bremen 

Tel.:Praxis: 04202-881124 




Benin Week  For  Reconciliation

20. – 29. April 2007 


Benin - Afrika 


Benin Fellowship of Reconciliation (Monar-Benin) 


Toussaint Y. HONVOU 



Tel.:+229 95 96 46 46 

Fax:+229 21 31 20 02  



Children creating a flag for peace 

21. – 29. April 




During the 3rd worldwide reconciliation week (from 21st to 29th April 2007) little ART unrolls a 100 m fabric in front of its Little Art Gallery in the Amalienstrasse  at Munich as a carpet of reconciliation. About 200 children will simultaneously  send off paper planes for peace from the windows of  the adjoining houses.

To put marks, in the literal and transferred sense – is one of the main objectives of Little Art and we wanted to express this once again by the project “children create a flag” 

This project took place for the first time on 27th May 2006 at the Olympic Hall at Munich, where the little “artists”, who came from all over the world, created the world’s longest peace message out of the 100 m white fabric. For 4 days the Olympic Hall changed into a huge studio offering enough place for about 3000 children enabling them to express themselves with brush and paint. Attended to by honorary working artists and pedagogues, the children could shape the fabric according to their wishes, dreams and fantasies. In the end they had created a gaily coloured and an imaginative painted flag which was given a worthy place in the context of a great and colourful conclusion ceremony: it was hoisted up at the Olympic Tower, the highest landmark of the city of Munich. Never before had it been allowed to fix an object there, the more impressing was this event, for which Munich’s Chief Mayor, Mr. Christian Due, took the patronage.

little Art e.V. 

organisation for children art worldwide 

Amalienstr. 41 / Rgb. 

D-80799 München 

Tel. 089/288065-46 

Fax 089/288065-47 


Peace, take my hand – chanting and dancing of peace songs 

23. April 2007, 19:30 – 21:30 


Katholisches Bildungszentrum, Würzburg 


24. April 2007, 18:30-21:30 

Ökohaus, Bund Naturschutz, Würzburg 


26. April 2007, 19:30-21:30 

Alte Synagoge Kitzingen 



Every year during the last week of April, a week of reconciliation is celebrated all over the world. 

During these evenings we want to tune in into this reconciliatory energy. Through meditative dancing, mantras of peace, thoughts of peace and reconciliation, and a prayer, we bestow our soul with healing and let peace radiate around us. 

Christa Anna Kniffki 

Bergstrasse 36 

97261 Güntersleben/ Würzburg 

Tel./ Fax. 09365 2860 



Concert for peace and reconciliation 


Concert de la paix et reconciliation 

Le 21 - 22 avril 2007 


Bujumbura – Burundi 

The chorus of the " Holy Family Gikungu ", counting about hundred of young boys and girls, will realise the experience of unity in diversity among themselves. They will open the 3rd. worldwide Reconciliation Week with inaugurate concerts for peace and reconciliation in Gitega, Central Burundi, on the 21st / 22nd of April. The dates have been well chosen because Archbishop Simon NTAMWANA  will end at this weekend a forum of youth for peace and reconciliation. Thousands of schoolchildren and youth are expected at the concerts.


La Chorale Sainte Famille Gikungu, qui compte une centaine de jeunes garçons et filles, parvient à réaliser entre eux l'" unité dans la diversité ".  

Les Concerts de « Paix et Réconciliation » seront en effet, l'ouverture solennelle de la 3ème Semaine de Réconciliation à GITEGA, au Centre du Pays, Burundi 21-22 avril 2007. Ces dates ont été bien choisies car à cette occasion, l'Archevêque Simon NTAMWANA de Gitega terminera un forum des jeunes pour la paix et la réconciliation au même endroit.

Chorale Sainte Famille Gikungu 



Chorale Sainte Famille 



Tel.:  00257 79 973 998  

     ou 00257 79 997 197

     ou encore 00257 79 959 470.

Fax:  00257 22 23 40 80 


Petition/Reminder to keep article 9 of Japan’s constitution 

April 22nd

Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution is a clear promise of the Japanese people to the world never to repeat its history of war and atrocities. It sets an important challenge of working towards world peace through dialogue, mutual respect and understanding, cooperation, and never through military action. 

In solidarity with the people of Japan who never forgot the tragedy of World War 2 and for many who suffered from the atrocities of countless wars, we appeal to your government not to alter or repeal Article 9 of your Peace Constitution. 

Chito Generoso (ICCN) 

Loreta Castro (Pax Christi- Pilipinas) 

Jasmin Nario- Galace (Center for Peace Education, Miriam College) 

Baibon "Kong" Sangid, Young Moro Professionals 

Jaymelyn Nikkie T. Uy (Center for Peace Education, Miriam College) 




Women - a culture of peace  and reconciliation for sustainable Development -- an ongoing project to reconcile villages involved in inter-tribal conflicts

24 APRIL –26 APRIL 2007 


North West Province of Cameroon 

This project aims at the training of women group leaders in conflict zones of the North West Province of Cameroon, which is the political hotbed of the country on the under­standing of conflict. An analysis revealed that women are involved at a 74% in violence resulting from conflict in these areas. Women therefore have a strong influence in conflict issues in this part of the country and can easily be trained on the culture of peace since their institutional organization is stronger than that of men. 



TEL (237)5554607,5553162 



A challenge to reconciliation in Burundi 





Gitega, Burundi 

Apostolic work  « New Life for reconciliation » according to the engagement of S.E.R.

On February, 25 this year we initiated a prayer for reconciliation in a region that had been deeply shaken by the divisions. 


Oeuvre Apostolique « Vie Nouvelle pour la Réconciliation » appuyée par S.E.R s'engage 

Le 25.2.2007 nous sommes allés animer une prière sur la réconciliation dans un milieu profondément touché par les divisions. 

Oeuvre Apostolique „Vie Nouvelle de la Réconciliation“, VNR 

Sr. Godelive Miburo 

L`Archiodiocèse de GitegaB.P. 118 GITEGA, BURUNDI 

Tel.:   00257-402160

Fax:   00257-402628


South Africa 

Ukubuyisana KwesiZwe eNingizimu Afrika 



Natal South Afrika 

Queen Moira is a Teacher in a rural Area and teaches children at primary level, grad II and III. She will give an Introduction during the Reconciliation-Week 2007 at the school. 

Queen Moira PHOSWA 

17 Dixon RoadBisley 3203 


Natal South Afrika 



The healing sound 

28. / 29. April 2007 



A seminar in which we use our voices as a means of healing through sound and a path to self-realisation. 

Working with our voice is thoroughly effective in order to unite our mental and our feelings, to release blockades and old patterns, thus finding our way to reconciliation within ourselves. Being in tune with one’s inner self is the first step on our way to become reconciled with nature and our fellow citizens. 

Einklang-Seminare Steffi Schmid 

Glasstr. 26 



Tel.: 0221 522577 





Meditative evening creating a mandala for the support of the UN-Millennium-Development-Goals 

26. April 2007 



A mandala will be widely spread in the middle of a room. On a star in the centre of the mandala the MDG`s will be laid out written on paper. The participants bring in prayers, songs, objects and/or other contributions. After a short introduction to reconciliation and the engagement of the S.E.R. Foundation, we will sit down in silence in a big circle around the mandala. Whoever feels an impulse is invited to enter the circle and offer his/her contribution. In the end we will all sty in silence, joined in prayer and healing thoughts for the world. 

Einklang-Seminare Steffi Schmid 

Qi-Gong – Sabine Großarth 

Glasstr. 26 



Tel.: 0221 522577 




Theatre project  „Last Days“

25.4./26.4./27./4./28.4. 07, jeweils 20.00 Uhr 


5313 Bonn 

Developed by a young author during the rehearsal of a play, together with the director and actresses. 

Subject: Mother and Daughter.  An encounter.

Frank Heuel 

Goethestrasse 315313 Bonn 

Tel.: 0228 9790718 



Piano recital with works from J.S.Bach, D.P.Hefti, L.v.Beethoven und J.Brahms. 




Sombor /Vojvodina (Serbia) 

Sombor has been twinned with the communities Gemeinden Bodensee-Rhein since 1993.  To begin with emergency help dominated the partnership, but now exchange programmes (at least 6  per year) have taken precedence.  The youth choir Juventus Cantat from Sombor did a concert tour of Switzerland at the end of March.  Benjamin Engeli is undertaking a concert tour in the opposite direction, with concerts in Belgrade (24.4.), Sombor and Novi Sad (26.4.).  In addition, the young Swiss musician will give a short recital at the Sombor gymnasium.  The concert in Sombor opens the Tourism Seminar in Sombor which takes place from 26.4. to 28.4. and which is a joint  event of the communities Bodensee-Rhein and the town of Sombor.

Arne Engeli 

Postfach CH-9400 Rorschach Ost 

Tel.: o71 855 22 12 

Fax: o71 855 22 12 





The Development of tourism in the „three countries corner“ Serbia-Croatia-Hungary, on the Danube. 



Sombor /Vojvodina (Serbia) 

Sombor has been twinned with communities Gemeinden Bodensee-Rhein since 1993. 


Aim: To build up a local tourist organisation,  cross-border co-operation, agreement on necessary infrastructure..

3 work groups each with 1 expert, moderator, resource person. 

30 participants, of which 2-3 from neighbouring Croatia and Hungary, 5 from Switzerland, and the rest from the region of Sombor. 

Arne Engeli 

Postfach CH-9400 Rorschach Ost 

Tel.: o71 855 22 12 

Fax: o71 855 22 12 



Begegnungen der Generationen 



Nidau, Schweiz 

Vielseitiges Tagesprogramm der S.E.R. Stiftung. 

Mit Information, Verpflegung, Diskussion, Märchen etc. 

S.E.R. Stiftung CH 

Oberer Kanalweg 8 

CH-2660 Nidau 


Gerlinka Neumeyer 

Tel. 032 331 2994 



Exhibition: Living crosses 

April 28. / 29., 2007 


Ergosom-Centre, Nidau, Switzerland 

Exhibition from a young artist who discovers crosses in unusual environments and then photographs them.. 

Crosses are to be found everywhere, where a horizontal line cuts a vertical one. A cross is somewhat an ordinary structure which is recognizable everywhere. Nevertheless it is  a unique thing, because probably no other indication is as symbol-pregnant as the cross. Originally known as an old magic and healing symbol, the cross became a symbol for Christianity, being the execution equipment of the crucitixion of Christ and therefore was often associated with death. But the cross also stands for stability and harmony; the intersection  can be noticed as power point and unity of the 4 cardinal directions.

Samuel Merz 



Walking-tour: Reconciliation between human being and nature 

along the river Reuss up to the mouth into the river Aare 

*Introduction: What does reconciliation mean? 

*Walking in silence, seeking attunement with oneself and with nature 

*Reading of the scripts of the Essener. Common singing 

*Subsequent blessing of the earth and the water by means of the holy and healing water, brought along from Lourdes and Medjugorie 

*Thanksgiving prayer 

Agnes Zehnder und Angela Luisoni



“Open a school and you close a jail” 

St. Dimiana´s Coptic Orth. Girls College / Eastern-Jerusalem 

The St. Dimiana`s Girl`s College teaches Christian and Moslem children from Kindergarden to High School. 

The goal of this action is to recruit further donations in co-operation with the S.E.R. foundation in order to ensure the running of the school for the future. 

The school has a good reputation, also regarding its education to a peaceful living together of the different religious communities and also because young women here get the opportunity  for a qualified graduation enabling them for example to study at the university.

Dr. Robert Karge + Anne Schade 

Trillerweg 30 

D-66117 Saarbrücken 

T: 0049-(0)681-927 42 91 



Light-Sound evening and Sound Healing 



Baden-Rütihof/Schweiz, Meditationsraum Vitabeata, Doris Voser, Im Haberacher 25 

Common evening in the light-sound energy. 

Reconciliation with myself. 

This is a process within myself, which does noct occur out of a clear sky, but it is a process to which I may surrender by an honest giving up of my demands and in accepting the being as it is. 

Piotter, Peter Uwe 

Westendstrasse 11 

78337 Öhningen 

Tel.: 0049 7735 440086 



Reconciliation – Angels 

Rolf Buechi 


Bridges connect 



34346 Hann. Münden 

Under the slogan "bridges connect" a human chain will be formed across the pedestrian bridge over the river Fulda towards  


The people will hold paper strips in their hands, on which their personal thought concerning reconciliation is written or painted. Then all the strips will be tagged together to a paper ring and thus the interlaced paper rings form a chain, which is well visibly hung up at the bridge. 

Präventionsrat Hann. Münden 

Volker Ludwig 

Böttcherstr. 3 

34346 Hann. Münden 

Tel.: 05541 – 75352 




Prayers for Reconciliation 

21. - 28-April-2007 


Bethlehem / Palestine 

Franciscan Misssionaries of Mary (Franciscan White Sisters) 

Each evening a rosary is prayed for reconciliation. 

Sister Maria Grech 


Franciscan Misssionaries of Mary (Franciscan White Sisters) 

Milk Grotto Street 





Forum of Youth for Peace and Reconciliation 

16./17. and 21./22. April 2007 

Invited to the forum are all young adults of the diocese Gitega. Archbishop Simon Ntamwana and his team will lead the forum for "Peace and Reconciliation" and call everybody to participate on a peace-march. 

Oeuvre Apostolique „Vie Nouvelle de la Réconciliation“, VNR 

Sr. Godelive Miburo 

L`Archiodiocèse de GitegaB.P. 118 GITEGA, BURUNDI 

Tel.:   00257-402160

Fax:   00257-402628



Concert for Peace and reconciliation 


Concert de la paix et reconciliation 

29th of April 2007 

With an other inaugurate concert for "Peace and Reconciliation" at the Holy Pleace of St. Marie on  "Mount Sion Gikungu" in Bujumbura, the 3rd Reconciliation-Week 2007 will be closed. Thousands of young adults and Pilgrims are expected.

Chorale Sainte Famille Gikungu 



Chorale Sainte Famille 



Tel.:  00257 79 973 998  

     ou 00257 79 997 197

     ou encore 00257 79 959 470.

Fax:  00257 22 23 40 80