Holy Child Program برنامج الطفل المقدس

Beit Sahour – Bethlehem – The Holy Land بيت ساحور - بيت لحم – الأرض المقدسة

Project No 24 :

Building foundations of peace through healing the child

The Holy Child Program is a program of theFranciscan Sisters of the Eucharist. It is an intensive therapy and alternative educational program for Bethlehem’s children who are suffering from the effects of trauma in a situation of extreme tension and conflict. The Holy Child Program provides a healing environment built on a profound respect for the child who is created in the image of a loving Creator who has endowed each child with a basic right to life, love and laughter.

The Holy Child Program celebrated Global Reconciliation Week in union with SER Foundation the week of April 22nd – 30th. The Holy Child Program committed themselves to the process of reconciliation through the example of which Christ gave the world through His Cross.

The Program extended the Global Reconciliation Week to include the time and events of Holy Week before Easter. Children and Staff began each day by praying the Rosary together. They participated in activities and lessons which helped them understand better and imitate the love which Jesus showed in order to reconcile us with His Father. Activities included Palm Sunday procession, making Stations of the Cross and praying the sequence, and baking and sharing bread with each other.


During the Global Week of Reconciliation, children and staff began each day by praying the Rosary together. They prayed particularly for those who are suffering all over the world.

The Week culminated with a trip to the Holy Sepulchre, where the children continued to pray for peace and reconciliation, and to thank God for his many gifts. It was a profound experience for each of them.

The children had quite an impact on all those they encountered, from the smiles of the soldiers at the checkpoint when the children greeted them in English with, "Good morning. How are you?" to the many pilgrims who commented on how beautiful and prayerful the children were. The children themselves demonstrated sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others.

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