Reconciliation Week 2006

Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research S.E.R.
S.E.R. Stiftung D – S.E.R. Stiftung NL – S.E.R. Stiftung CH

Projekt-Nr: 17

Peace for Richmond




Richmond, Südafrika


Zeit: letzte Woche im April


Pater Dominic Muheim &
Mlongisi Madlala

Usizo Voluntary Group

Tel.: ++33 212 23 89

Fax: ++33 212 23 89

Projektbeschreibung / Inhalt

Richmond KZN is a village in the Natal Midlands which suffered tremendously under political violence. Former President Mandela attended three funerals here at Richmaond during the 90ìes. Soldiers and Police were ever present and still the violence continued.

Global Balance Stand 20. April 2006

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