Reconciliation Week 2006

Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research S.E.R.
S.E.R. Stiftung D – S.E.R. Stiftung NL – S.E.R. Stiftung CH

Projekt-Nr: 10

E-learning Project in Women´s Healthcare:





Springfield, Massachusetts


Die ganze Rec.-Woche


Rita Luthra, MD

Womens`Helath & Education Center (WHEC)


Projektbeschreibung / Inhalt

Dedicated to women's health and well being worldwide. Welcome to a learning program in women's healthcare on the web. Healthcare providers and policy makers will find our articles and forums useful and helpful in improving women's health and status in both industrialized and developing countries. We welcome comments and suggestions from all those working for Safe Motherhood.

Even though each country has its unique culture, economics and politics—they all share similar developmental challenges. This whole world is a developing country – some have a longer way to go than others. Cultural Diversity is now the norm in each and every country. Women's Health and Education Center (WHEC) respects the rights of patients, colleagues and the communities. We plan development together. In this forum we are all equals, working towards a common goal – to improve maternal and child health worldwide.

Global Balance Stand 20. April 2006

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