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The Annual Reconciliation Week is an initiative of the Foundation for Subjective Experience and Research S.E.R.,
NGO associated with ECOSOC and UNDPI, UNITED NATIONS and contributing to the Millennium Development Goals.

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2nd Annual Reconciliation Week, April 22nd to April 30th, 2006

The impact generated by a group of people acting together in the spirit of unity is tremendous. So is constructive exchange and mutual interaction across all levels of human endeavours open up new ways to all concern: this is Reconciliation.

This powerful resonance is necessary in order to realize the United Nation's "Millennium Development Goals"; it opens new possibilities for humankind to unfold, the world over.
Inspired by the favourable participation of a tremendous number of organizations and individuals that participated at the UN Conference "Our Challenge: Voices for Peace, Partnership and Renewal" in New York 2005, we would like to invite you to participate in the Reconciliation Week, April 22nd - 30th, 2006.

We are calling upon all people and organizations, who would like to contribute in any way, personal or group activities to initiate, either in their local community, or international linkage, reconciliatory programmes.

For further information please see our invitation 2006. We are looking forward to your reply.

Cordially yours,

First Annual Reconciliation Week, April 25th to May 1st, 2005

The present situation in Asia demonstrates the power and the impact seen when people who come from various fields and groups act in the spirit of unity. For the presence of constructive exchange and mutual interaction across all borders opens new uniting ways for us all - this is Reconciliation.

This power is necessary in order to reach the United Nation's "Millennium Development Goals" which open new possibilities for people worldwide.

Inspired by the engagement of the many organizations and individuals and the numerous personal conversations that we experienced at the UN Conference "Civil Society takes Action" in New York, we would like to invite you to participate in the Reconciliation Week from Monday April 25th through Sunday May 1st 2005.

More Information on the reconciliation week is availeable in our invitation 2005.

Reconciliation Documents:

Projects, Events and Participants 2005

Activities 2004

Reconciliation Convention in Basel/CH, Oct-2-2004

Speeches & Workshop "reconciliation" during 57th UN conference, Oct-10-2004

The following speech was held on the 57th UN session, in a special event titled Afternoon Session of 57th Annual DPI / NGO Conference. Millennium Development Goals: Civil Society Takes Action. There was also a dedicated workshop titled "reconciliation" as part of the conference.

You can download the complete speech held by the SER foundation here, as original speech in english or as translation in german.

Video archive of the 57th UN/NGO Conference

You can view the full session's video online at the United Nations conferences archive:

Other Reconciliation Activities

Find more activities for reconciliation on our Supported Events page.