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Summons for Reconciliation – Week

With this summons, we cordially invite you to participate in the first worldwide Reconciliation-Week.

Where does Reconcilation begin? - With ourselves, as a personal experience, in the family, amongst our friends, with neighbors and in our professional lives. Step by step, starting from those near and dear to us, every one of us can begin laying a sound foundation in order to establish a worldwide network for peace and democracy, dignity and freedom, equality and justice for all people.

We are calling upon all people and organizations, who would like to contribute by way of their activities and their initiative, either in their personal environment or at a local, national or international level.

What do we mean by Reconciliation?

Reconciliation, in the sense of awareness and behaviour, means to try to find integration, the connecting links and the synthesis between supposed antagonisms. Reconciliation searches mutual interaction and constructive exchange in all areas of political, social, cultural, economic, scientific, religious and environmental affairs.

Who are the S.E.R. Foundations?

The S.E.R. Foundations in Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland, comprised only of volunteers, promote Reconciliation in all social contexts. The Foundations are NGOs, recognized by the United Nations and in consultative status with ECOSOC (UN Economic and Social Council).

In 2004, the S.E.R. Foundations submitted a resolution for the introduction of a worldwide UN-Reconciliation-Week to the United Nations. At the following 57th DPI/NGO UN conference in New York, the Foundations presented the idea of ’Global Reconciliation’ as an activating principle for the implementation of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. Both initiatives are currently being reviewed in the relevant UN bodies.

When? The first Reconciliation-Week will take place between:

Monday, April 25th – Sunday, May 1st 2005

How can you contribute to Reconciliation - Week?

Anything is possible: it could be an initiative in your personal environment, together with others in a group or a project of an organization. For example, one project could deal with the common elements of different cultures. Another might be a cross-generation initiative; a third, an art project about Reconciliation. The size and duration of your initiative is at your discretion. Be as imaginative and creative as you wish – and work with the awareness that many people are involved in this together.

What will the S.E.R. Foundations do?

The members, friends and associated organizations of the S.E.R. will actively participate in the Reconciliation-Week with numerous events and activities. The S.E.R. Foundations will keep all those involved in the Reconciliation-Week informed about current projects and initiatives and will promote networking amongst all participating parties.
As a first step, we would like to request that you send us some information about your planned activities and events to the below mentioned address by the following date:

March 15th 2005
For further information and questions, please contact:

Kind regards from the S.E.R.-Foundations in Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.